Services of Medi Advisors of Ohio

Services of Medi Advisors Of Ohio

Knowing your options may help you save money and increase your health benefits!

Turning 65 Soon?

Wondering if the Medicare Program is your only option? Concerned about the Late Enrollment Penalty? Want to know how to apply or what happens to your group coverage?

Already On Medicare?

Do you feel like you’re missing out on your plan’s benefits? Do you have questions that need easy to understand answers? We’re here for you.

Business Services

Are you in HR, a business owner, tax accountant, POA or attorney? We can help you to serve your Medicare eligible clients, employees and retirees even better!

Other Medicare Beneficiaries

Are you a Veteran or a public employee, a teacher, or another type of medicare beneficiary? We’ve got easy-to-understand answers to your questions.